Wedding Ring On MusicWe love it when our readers get in touch with their fantastic comments and ideas. Music teacher Christine from Southern Maryland, USA has told us of her musical masterpiece wedding table plan:

When guests walk into the reception hall’s hallway, I will have a yellow (one of my colors) music stand with a chalk board on it reading “Please Find Your Seats”. Hanging from the stand will be 5 long strands of silver (other color) ribbon, with escort cards pinned on the ribbon going down the ribbon. (I have mini clothing pins for pin each card.)”

“Guests will then go find their seats by composer names, which I made up using scrapbooking paper and placing in cute treble clef holders that I found online. Some composers will be classical, some country artists for my fiance, some rock artists, a nice mix for variety (and fitted for the guests sitting at their tables).

What a great idea! It not only caters for all of the guest’s varying musical tastes but it also provides a colour coordinated musical theme.

After reading this, we decided to investigate how music can make your wedding seating plan really go with a swing.

Classical music table plan

Classical music inspired table plan (PDF download) –

Music themed escort cards

Beautiful music themed escort cards –

Seating plans and escort cards

Concert Ticket Escort Card -

Concert ticket style escort cards –

Table names and numbers

Treble Clef Table Number -

Treble Clef table numbers –

These treble clef table numbers are simple and stylish, as are these lovely violin cut out table numbers.

This is a great vintage retro style wedding seating plan, with each table names after a favourite vinyl record. An extra special touch would be to have an actual copy of the record on each table, and a retro record player in the corner to play it on!

You can add a musical touch to so many other themes, for example:

Don’t forget to look at our musical wedding seating plan Pinterest board for more fabulous musical ideas.

Table Decorations and favours

Handmade Vintage Music Heart Decoration -

Handmade vintage music heart decoration –

Table decorations with musical motifs are easy to find in many online and high street shops, and the black and white sheet music and piano keys are ideal to use alongside your chosen accent colour.

If you are looking for musical ways to wrap your favours, you could use printed sheet music to create your own boxes, or buy these vintage style distressed music paper cups – which also could double up as beautiful escort cards.

Live Music

Live musicians, of course, can instantly create any ambience that you want, from a serene and elegant classical quartet to a foot tapping rock and roll band. If you focus on a particular era or musical style, you can use that to generate the whole reception décor – for example swinging sixties or the smooth, elegant sounds of traditional jazz.

And finally…

Throwing a great surprise for the unsuspecting new bride, this groom has obviously done a lot of secret planning with guests to organise a tuneful wedding flashmob musical!

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