If you are looking to make your wedding seating plan the topic of conversation for the entire evening, then look no further! Here are a selection of incredible ideas for unusual and quirky wedding seating plans that your guests will remember for years to come.

Ice sculptures

Ice Sculpture Wedding Seating Plan - www.globalicesculptures.co.ukGuaranteed to be a talking point for years after the event, a seating plan designed inside an ice sculpture just has to be the most incredible artistic addition to any wedding reception. Professional ice sculptors will use special slow melting ice which should mean that your sculpture will remain looking stunning for 6-8 hours in a room with temperature at about 20C. The ice sculpture here (made by Global Ice Sculptures) has the seating plan frozen inside it, whilst there is everything from table centrepieces to wedding cakes in this ice sculpture wedding gallery.

Fun and Games

Do you have a favourite childhood TV programme? One happy couple used the retro look of Transformers characters to create a totally unique wedding seating plan. Maybe you have a favourite family game – Scrabble or Monopoly anyone?

Lego is a popular choice for adding a touch of childhood nostalgia and humour to any wedding seating plan. Have a look at this fantastic collection of ideas, where Lego characters and bricks are used for everything from cake toppers to favours, place cards to wedding rings.

Scrabble fans could use the points score from Scrabble tiles to number their tables, giving each table a corresponding letter – A=1, D=2, B=3 etc. You could even possibly lay your table plan out in the style of a Scrabble board!

I think my favourite, though, has to be this clever jigsaw wedding seating plan. The wedding seating plan is written on a magnetic board, with a magnetic jigsaw piece by each guest’s name. Guests take their piece and put it together with the pieces of the guests at their table to make a picture. In this example, the couple had used pop art style pictures of themselves, which were then collected together and stuck to a large canvas. Later in the evening, guests signed the edge of the canvas, to create a romantic and hugely memorable piece of artwork for the happy couple to take home.

Sketches and Polaroids

Fancy trying your hand at a bit of art? This seating plan has been drawn up, quite literally, using a small hand drawn sketch of each guest. Here is a brilliant idea for escort cards – each guest finds their card, and then replaces it with a Polaroid snap of themselves.

Work and Play

Periodic Table Seating PlanUsing your hobbies or work interests to create an unusual wedding seating plan will always be memorable. I wonder if this couple who created this periodic table seating plan were scientists, or if this couple enjoyed a little flutter on the horses?

Food and drink

For the wine connoisseurs amongst us, here is a wedding seating plan with a difference! Choco-holics will love these edible escort cards, whilst these escort cards are attached to home made chutney as a gift for the guests.

And finally…

Although not unusual in its presentation, this seating arrangement is worthy of inclusion, purely for being such a clever idea! How often have you attended receptions, only to leave late at night to realise that you have hardly spoken to the bride and groom as they were so busy? This idea overcomes just that problem. When it was drawn up, the bride and groom left two unoccupied seats on each table. They then carried their food between tables, spending a set time at each table chatting to guests before moving on. What a great idea!

Our page on top table seating arrangements has a number of other different ideas for your top table.

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