Periodic table themed seating plan -

Periodic table themed seating plan –

Celebrate your unique chemical bond by creating a scientific wedding seating plan! We have trawled the internet to find a plethora of creative and ingenious ideas to inspire and enthuse you. Remember to follow the hyperlinks to find out more, and remember that our Pinterest board is full of fantastic ideas for your scientific wedding seating plan.

Seating plans

The Periodic table of elements lends itself perfectly to a wedding seating plan. Each guest is allocated an element, and you can colour code your Periodic table to indicate which table guests are seated at. This couple have also added useful information such as dinner choice, as well as the guest’s name and table number.

Test tubes can be used as quirky escort cards. The guest’s name and table number can be written using glass ink on the outside, printed on luggage tags and tied to the tube, or printed on paper to be carefully rolled and placed inside the test tube.

More traditional folded paper escort cards can have a little scientific touch added by using a different element name for each table. These escort cards and table names effortlessly combine style and beauty with chemistry geek chic.

These escort cards, for the true scientist, uses the fact that amino acids (organic compounds made from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen) have a one letter abbreviation. Each guest had a drawing of a particular amino acid, and was seated at the table with the corresponding letter. Very clever!

Table names

Chemical Symbol Table NameOnce again, the Periodic table of elements lends itself perfectly to table names. Each element has a one or two letter abbreviation, which is perfect for simple and elegant table names. These chemical element table names are displayed in laboratory flasks, which make surprisingly beautiful table decorations.

Another option for your scientifically themed table names would be to choose your favourite famous scientists, doctors, physicists, chemists or mathematicians to name your tables. At each table have a brief summary of their achievements, and use these summaries to create a trivia quiz where guests can read about the famous scientists on other tables to discover the answers. A great way to get guests mingling.

Table décor can be scientific as well as elegant by using a selection of laboratory glassware (test tubes, flasks, beakers, petri dishes) as vases. They catch the light beautifully and their unique shape is an instant talking point. These origami flowers created with paper printed with scientific images are a lovely extra touch.

Food and drink can be scientific as well, with lemonade in laboratory flasks, champagne in test tubes and cocktails measured using pipettes. If you have no budget to break and love fine dining, why not find a chef who is expert in molecular gastronomy – a modern, scientific way of cooking.

Other scientific ideas

  • Favours can be presented in beautifully labelled test tubes filled with pot pourri or sweeties.
  • Spell names on place cards using molecular structures! Use this tool to create the molecular structure representing your name.
  • Instead of the Unity ceremony, create a unity chemistry experiment! Two chemicals combine to become something completely new; once combined together they can never return to their original state, they are forever bonded. This couple did just that, and have photographed the ceremony.
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